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Find yourself living a life of vice instead of virtue?
Seeking temporary comfort in the wrong places?
Uncertain about your future or regretful of the past? 


The Complete Catholic initiative is designed to balance your spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness by inspiring you to life a life of Faith and Grace. 


Each package includes Catholic and self-care support customized to your profile such as Catholic books, essential oils, journals, mugs, & blessed items and will meet you at your state of life (whether thriving or striving). Subscriptions include a monthly personalized letter exchange with the recipient to encourage them on their journey. The Complete Catholic is especially helpful for individuals struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, loneliness, or depression. 

A portion of proceeds are donated towards subscriptions for a youth, elder, or single mother in need. In an effort to promote Catholic outreach, a gift or card may be included from a small Catholic business or non-profit.
All Items and vendors are thoughtfully selected.

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is yet to come. We have only today. Let us begin."
- Mother Teresa

"For our hearts are restless, Lord, until they rest in you."
- St. Augustine of Hippo

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