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Our Story


Our team of Catholic young adults felt the struggle of maintaining good values and keeping the faith in an increasingly secular, lonely world especially when the pandemic hit. After falling down many times and relying on several resources to get back up, we felt called to help others do the same. The Complete Catholic  helps balance spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness by reminding us of Christ's promises. We hope this  grassroots effort helps you remember God's plan for your life and the richness of our faith.

A Message from our Founder:
What is it that inspires you? For me, it’s The Complete Catholic. I love seeing people uplifted by prioritizing their overall wellness and being reminded of God's plan that may not have materialized yet! I enjoy connecting with Catholics in all walks of life, improving our organizational model to help a struggling church, and the creative liberty of taking The Complete Catholic forward by serving others.

TCC Opportunities

If you are interested in:
- joining our small, growing team as a volunteer/intern
- submitting a blog post/podcast for publication in our newsletter

- collaborating with us 

please email us at

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